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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  January 1, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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>> tonight a national tourist attraction closed down as authorities search for a killer. someone shot and killed a u.s. park ranger. and they are poised for a fight for votes in the hawkeye state. >> two-days until iowa. republican candidates trying to clinch their party's nomination ready to face off in the first of the nation contest. the current frontrunners of the polls say they have iowa covered. >> we will win iowa go to washington with a mandate to make sure we get this country on track. >> our numbers aren't going to go down. they aren't going to leave us. they come and they go. >> the competition with a different take. >> ten-days ago i was at 5 percent. every question i got was why
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don't you pack it up? >> fox reports on the battle for the hawkeye state. >> also... it's happening again. arsonists at work setting car after car on fire after nights of seeing the blaze spread to homes and more people in the los angeles area still on edge. >> we had the keys. >> that's incredible. a terrible thing. whoever is doing this is a terrible person. >> many ask what keeps us up at night. the acts we have seen in the last 72-hours in these communities have taken them up tonight. >> tonight a development the new clues that could help police patch the fire started. >> i was stunned. i just kind of stood there. >> a wife and husband park their cars only to watch the ground open up and eat them.
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>> america's election headquarters it is down to the wires after the candidates vying for the gop nomination. how voters may sway on tuesday. a tee moin register poll shows former massachusetts governor mitt romney with 22 percent of the vote followed by ron paul at 22 percent. they are in a statistical dead heat. the former governor of pennsylvania surging to third place with 15 percent. santorum actually springs to second place with 21 percent with 21 percent saying they would support him. romney at 24, paul falls to 13 percent. it could suggest how much at play the numbers are. another sign of volatility in this race 41 percent of the polls say they could be persuaded to change their minds by tuesday. chief political correspondent
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karl cameron is in des moines iowa tonight and has the latest on the seemingly ever changing race. the holiday weekend has done nothing to slow the candidate's request for caucus support. at thats wide open race. >> the finish line is in sight and no one is in front of mitt romney. >> get out of the caucus on tuesday night. thank you. >> the register poll shows romney barely ahead of ron paul with santorum in third. he blasted romney. >> it has been driven by message connection hawith the voters debates, experience and i think those are the features that are driving the campaign so far. >> the recent polls show romney and paul deadlocked in a tie for third among son tore rum gingrich and perry. they have the largest caucus
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location. he could win but he has been severely hammered by rivals outside of a gop mainstream. >> to elect me the country has to change. you have to go back to believing in the constitution and personal liberties and a different foreign policy. >> rick santorum may be the come from behind conservative with a wave of last minute support from christian conservatives make up the votes and could be missed by half of the population polls. >> do what is right for this country and in the next few days fight for it. >> he went to church in iowa but is looking ahead and dismissing other's success as short lived. >> we are going to be able to go forward when some of the other candidates may do okay in iowa when it comes to running a national campaign they are going to falter. >> newt gingrich who led the polls a month ago and michelle back m bachmann are struggling to not be dead last in the caucus. the record will be if they break
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118,000. it's also true that there are a large number of undecideds. in the caucus four years ago one of every four caucus goers were undecided. 40 percent are likely to change their minds. exactly what are they and how do they work? answers to this question is shannon breen in iowa tonight. >> across the state there are 800 spots that will become caucus parties on tuesday night. this is a church in iowa that seats more than 900. they expect about a thousand on tuesday night to cast these ballots. here's how it works. everybody has to be in place by 7:00 local time. they can give speeches for about 3 minutes. once that is wrapped up everybody gets a piece of paper they mark the candidates they want to see with the gop nominee. they are counted on sight tallied announced and officially
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go to the iowa gop. it takes patience and commitment to participate. >> not necessarily easy to get to a caulk cause and support your candidate. they are going to talk about a cold january night and say i am here to support my particular candidate. this is after months and months of reviewing their issues seeing their mailers watching their ads and most importantly seeing nem person. >> if you want to cast one of these ballots you have to be 18 on or by november 6th by the presidential election and you have to be a registered republican. here's good news for procrastinators you have to show up on-site and you have the right id you can register on-site to become a republican. within minutes you can be voting in the caucus. thank you very much. the iowa caucuses of course will only have one winner but can the candidates who don't manage to make it in the top two or three still claim some sort of victory.
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with me is former speech writer from george h. w. bush. tracy davis. are you with with us? >> it is so great to hear from you. thank you for having me on. >> thank you for being with us on this holiday. in your opinion who will be the winners and who will be the losers this week in iowa? >> that is awful will you tricky considering 41 percent is still undecided. i think it is sort of like any one's guess. but i would say that romney would be a winner no matter what. ron paul although i think that it is not going to do him much good because i don't think he will do that well on a national level. and i think obviously the surge going toward rick santorum he could be the one that does the best. when you are down below coming up like that. i think that because even the
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tea parties being more they want elect ability this time. they are concerned about the economy like anybody else. they might go for the candidates that they think goes the whole way. >> you talk about evelle ga-- evangelicals in iowa. what are they looking for in a candidate? you talk about elect ability. what else? >> i think they are concerned about their social issues when it comes to the right to life and, everything that they talk about nongay rights and not having gay marriage they have their religious rights use socially and economically. it seems maybe in this election
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that for one thing because there have been a number of candidates because there are so many and there are certain amounts that would appeal to evangelicals for owe prom knee he would be happy to see they are split. it looks like by the numbers it might be. obviously it is a lot of them. everybody seemed to have their day in the sun with that group. >> i think you put it best i put you on the spot that is that it is complete lip in the air with 41 percent of people saying they are undecided or could be persuaded to change their minds by tuesday. thank you very much. on this tuesday night 11:00 p.m. eastern the american election head quarter special a caucus live from kelly.
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she wered smith will be in des moines starting monday. on tuesday fox news coverage of the iowa caucuses beginning at 6:00 p.m. eastern. >> they are flexing serious muscle even as he stays under the political radar. it is a major battle ground state making it a big prize can tip the balance. even as the president enjoys the sun and surf in hawaii political analysts say he has iowa very much on his mind. the hope is that perhaps the eventual republican nominee will be flood deed and battered after waging a long fight leaving o obama in the win column for him. the reelection campaign is building there. eight offices already opened through iowa and campaign staffers are busy working the phones.
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they made 300 potential phone calls to supporters. they have events to recruit and train volunteers. doug luzader is traveling with the candidate he has the latest from honolulu. >> the president is enjoying a relaxing vacation but is talking about what lies ahead in 2012. iowa the hotly contested republican caucuses are on tuesday but the president's reelection campaign sees iowa as a potential swing state this year. they have already opened up 8 field offices in the hawkeye state and hired more than 20 paid staff members according to the "washington post". the first family meantime as their vacation winds to a close visited a cultural center in hawaii why the anthro poll logical result is on display. the president seems comfortable to stay out of the spotlight at least for now. >> it is not a terrible idea for the president to get out of the way and let all of the focus be on the republicans.
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there will be a lot of sniping and attacking republicans. it is not a terrible time for him to be out of pocket. >> out of pocket a little while longer the president is about to return to washington from there he will almost immediately go to cleveland, ohio for an appearance that deals with the economy and jobs. doug luzader from hawaii thank you very much. no breaks so far in southern california where arson attacks have people there wondering what will burn next. more cars torched overnight adding urgency to a massive investigation. the search for who is starting the fires. a member of the summit milital u.s. military. his carry on luggage has explosive c 4 in it. now a new development. you are watching the fox report.
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breaking news an update for you. a man hunt underway right now
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in washington state. a man reportedly shot and killed a park ranger during a routine traffic stop hours ago. the latest now. and arerson had set up a vehicle road block in the national park after barn refused to stop for another park ranger at a check point. sometime in the next 30 minutes after that anderson was shot and killed. officials have closed that park now, asking people to stay out of the area while the search continues. police have recovered barnesns vehicle which had weapons andi. body armor inside.i they believe he is still in the woods with an assault rif le at this hour. ith the public information officer at the park. >> he fled into the woods.
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>> the most challenging thing about it is we are searching for someone who does not want to be found and who has a weapon and is willing to use it. we can't just put a bevy of searchers out into the field and have them go wandering off on foot looking for him. pretty complicated. we are getting assistance from law enforcement units. i would say the mood at the park is stunned grief. margaret anderson is a wonderful person, a fantastic ranger, and someone who like all rangers knows tdoesn't do it for the money or the glory she loves the wildlife places and is committed to the people who visit the parks. it's just a tragedy that she lost her life in the course of doing her duty in the park. >> anderson was a 34-year-old mom of two who served as a park ranger for four years. her husband also a park ranger
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working in the park at the time of the shooting. we are polling this story closely for any developments. we will bring them to you through out the night as we get them. investigators are piecing together any and all investigation to bring a series of arson attacks. last night new year's eve celebrations were replaced by anxiety. four more cars torched. people sent dozens of cars on fire leaving dozens of neighborhoods in shock. >> i went out to the window the car is directly behind the car that started first. >> what did you do? >> got my keys and moved my car while everyone else was yelling fire and get out. >> i didn't even know there were 35 today that's incredible. it's a terrible thing. whoever is doing this is a terrible person. >> police offering a reward for information leading to a conviction. this is putting a heavy burden on a los angeles fire
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department. dealing with the resources emergency calls night after night after night. casey seigel has this report. >> investigators believer multiple people may be responsible for this string of fires. police say they have interviewed dozens of witnesses but no solid leads have emerged. all of these blazes have erie similarities. the vehicle intentionally set on fire most of them parked in carports under residential units. the flames racing to nearby homes and apartment buildings several hundred thousand dollars worth of damage is already reported. estimates keep coming in but there have been no serious injuries. the fires happening in hollywood and neighboring west hollywood spilling north into the san pers fernando valley dozens running home in the dark of the night. >> my wife heard popping noises and she ran inside and said hey, our neighbor's house is on fire.
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we just ran over i got a hose and she called police. luckily it was just the car didn't get to the house. >> a reward is out there for any one with information about the suspects. the ability to bring in resources in terms of the investigators with control. there is an increased presence in the area. eyes peeled for anything specific. we are telling residents of the densely populated areas to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity. harris? >> iran says it has done it claiming a major break through in the nuclear program. tell you what the islamic regime has been achieved and what it means toer that part of the world. investors getting a case of
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>> alarm bells ripping from israel to washington this new year's day as iran announces a break through claiming it has developed the first nuclear fuel rod. the report also says the rod was inserted into the core of research reactor. the timing may raise some eyebrows. yesterday iran was signaling it was ready to resume talks over the nuclear programs. all of this attention left the int gnat nag waters patroled by the u.s. navy. iran pressing on with war games now. that is a strategic gateway for the world's supply of oil. we are following the story in washington. >> it was last thursday the state department spokesman suggested the weight of international sanctions may be lashing out.
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it lends credence to the theory. iran carried out that test today a launch of a missile designed to avoid radar. they also said they have a fuk layer fuelled rod that provide fuel for nuclear reactors. that is an achievement they believed iran was not yet capable of. john bolton says this nature res t -- narrows the time for them to have a nuclear reactor. >> i think 2012 could be a very important year if israel reads the situation the sap way secretary pineda the time in which they have to take military action the time the nuclear weapons program is very, very short. >> the construction of nuclear fuel rods comes a day after obama signed a measure designed
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to reduce iran's oil revenues by penalizing foreign insurance tuesdays doing business with iran's central bank. many believe it will be the toughest yet imposed on iran. the news of the sank iran's currency slips to a record low today. in washington mcelway, fox news. to another nuclear arms nation now north korea. leaders calling on people to really rally behind their new leader kim jong un. even to protect him as quote human shield. kim jong untaking over for his father kim jong-il. the leader died of an apparent heart attack last night. they released pictures showing a young leader meeting with members of the military even they were told hfz kim jong un's first military inspection since his father daets. they are boosting the country's defensive and help fix widespread food shortages at the
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same time. >> wall street wrapping up a wild ride in 2011. if you have a 401 k you know all about it. the u.s. credit downgraded. europe's debt crisis putting invest stores on a roller-coaster ride. the dow managing to finish the year on the upside finishing 5 percent higher. the index is higher than it was in 2009 near the height of the crisis. investors may want to buckle their seat belts for 2012. many of the troubles weighing on the market last year are still on our backs. the financial and political headaches won't go away. brenda buttner senior business correspond dent and anchor still looks ahead. >> ho hum. that's what you might say if you looked only at where the broad u.s. market end of the year basically where it started. but it's the in between that can tell the real story and what a
10:26 pm
story. yet they will tell you it was a gut wrenching year with a dow averaging daily from august to november of nearly 300 points with unemployment finally headed in the right direction companies sitting on plenty of cash and a bit of building in the housing market are there signs the new year will be a mitt more settled on wall street. don't count on it. that is because what happens here may not matter as much as what happens there. there being europe. the european union our biggest trading partner. many believe europe already slip nude a recession. that will put a lot of pressure on the more healthy governments to force the weaker ones to accept balanced budgets and tough austerity measures. plus it's not just the debt mass in europe that will send u.s. markets up and down, traders are worried about growth going bad for markets in china.
10:27 pm
europe can't buy much of the goods. it is the second largest economy in the world closed down and europe faces a credit churrunche u.s. will not be immune. not to mention our own red ink and the ups and downs an election year can bring. unemployment still the biggest driver for the markets here on friday we find out december's numbers. did the holiday season bring a gift of temporary workers will incomes finally start going up and that's a grooifrg and what the broad market didn't do last year go up. harris, back to you. >> brenda, thank you. candidates are on the ground in iowa just now less than 48-hours from the caucuses. we will take you back there live to find out about some of the strategies they are use to go woifrn the undecided voters. a sink hole big enough to swallow an entire car. see where this happened.
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>> i e harris >> this is a fox report. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top us news. two-days to go canada hoping to sw -- candidates hoping to sway voters in their favor. 40 percent of caucus goers could change their minds about who to
10:31 pm
vote for by tuesday. the latest polling giving us an indication of who might win or do well. the most recent des moines register poll showing former massachusetts governor mitt romney with 41 percent of the voto pensionly according to this poll. ron paul 3 2 2 percent. that's a statistical dead heat. senator rick santorum gaining on them and gaining momentum. he is in if third place with 15 percent of the vote. steve brown is live in urbandale, iowa. you are outside newt gingrich's headquarters right now. a lot of people talking about rick santorum and where he can make this latest surge in the polls turn into votes. >> it's a question he has put in the most time on the ground whether or not he can translate all of those visits and all of those voters that he met. all of those volunteers and turn it into a ground became. what is interesting from the santorum folks is in addition to the traditional door knocking
10:32 pm
sort of things they hope for a bit of organic grass-roots work. the people org niedz on their own talk to their neighbors and drag folks to the caucuses kind of independent of the campaign. harris? >> i know texas governor rick perry is raising eyebrows with a number of boots he has on the ground that means money he is spending. >> he is spending quite a bit on ads alone. apparently also on travel to get folks here. i was sitting next to a guy with a strike force of 200. the governor was talking about 350 dectexans coming up. that suggested something in the neighborhood of 500 folks on the ground just to work this last week of the campaign to try to make sure things go well in terms of getting a ground game together. it is an impressive number of folks for the perry campaign. >> all along we have heard texas congressman has had such a strong ground game. who wins that one? >> byam clam may gos when you
10:33 pm
say who has the best ground game they point at his. the funny part of that is they are close to the vest about this sort of stuff. most other campaigns have given to the internal polling data the number of captains they have that will give a speech on behalf of the candidates or how many campaign chairs they have. none of that is coming from the paul campaign. they are being some wasn't seekty about it. but the other campaigns think that they have something going so we tend to believe that. >> steve brown live for us from iowa. many polls showing the number one issues for americans in total in 2012 will be the economy and jobs. but in iowa the topic for voters in the hawkeye base largely for agriculture. that doesn't mean there are not layoffs in small towns there leaving eyians iowans concerned about the county.
10:34 pm
some voters are reminding them to keep the focus on jobs. john roberts talks with one family in iowa. >> good evening to you. the question is will voters vote their hearts or their wallets. in august they voted for mike huckabee. pella windows and doors you have heard of those a major supplier to the housing industry the renovation industry. they have been ruping in-- runng into tough times because of the housing rice scrisis. they laid people off in iowa. one of those people is loretta sprunk. she worked for 14 years laid off in november. they have one son in college they have another child a senior in high school. suddenly fiscal discipline has become issue number one for them. here is loretta. we are really looking at adjusting our spending and how
10:35 pm
we are going to deal with this. that is no different than what we are looking at for the candidates. >> when they go to caucus they are looking toer a candidate who shares their value of a dollar. >> outside of the economy you hear social issues. >> they are important the conservative social issues particularly at pell law which is a conservative dutch town. when they are looking for candidates they are looking for votes. thub go they are going to be a good steward. we visited all ricks meats. they said the candidates had their best year in the past decade. they know people who were laid off. they feel their pain. chief butcher told me he knows what people are going to be looking for on tuesday. >> i think they are looking for somebody that is a good leader.
10:36 pm
someone willing to blaze a path. >> how all of this will play out in november. this is a crucial swing state. over the last couple of elections it has gone back and forth. >> just in some of the latest polling in the last 48-hours people are willing more than 40 percent to change their minds. you wonder what it would take to persuade their votes. good to see you tonight. >> tonight at 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. eastern. coming up in a little bit an america's election head quarter special. a preview of tuesday's caulk tuss live from iowa with bret baier and megan kelly. don't miss special elections of fox report. he will have expert analysis on the caucuses and on tuesday the big day fox news coverage is all
10:37 pm
right here on fox news channel. after tuesday the political talk will shift some 1300 miles to the east to new hampshire. that state is set to hold the first of the nation primary january 10th. former governor mitt romney and john huntsman spending a lot of time there. romney considered the overwhelming favorite in the granite state and huntsman skipping iowa all together focusing on new hampshire. the state allows independence to vote in the republican contest and we know how important the independent votes are. so how accurate is new hampshire in changing the eventually nominee? of 21 nonincumbent primaries they changed it correctly 10 times about 50 percent. in texas new information on the story we brought you last night. federal agents moving in on the mid 4r57bd international airport
10:38 pm
in texas after security raised a member of the u.s. military they say was carrying a military grade explosive. authorities charged with man with trying to bring explosives on to an airplane. they will arain him on tuesday. they are saying the suspect is trey scott at water. not clear if he was in uniform or how much he had in his carry-on bag. he was returning from texas to fort bragg in north carolina. a discovery of explosives in a home. a former scientist renting a home recently passed away. when his landlord went to check on the property she found several buildings packed with dangerous materials. they shut down four miles of the highway in the area. investigators taking out or destroying what's left of controlled detonation. it is unclear what that man was working on or why. well a car gets swallowed up at
10:39 pm
a florida parking lot. two riders sore. >> ohio, a magnitude 4 earthquake shaking youngstown officials saying it's the 11th earthquake to hit that area people blaming the tremors are natural gas growing. they have not found any evidence of that. florida, a massive sink hole opening up at a rest stop parking lot swallowing a car just moments after she got out of it. >> i had no words. i was stunned. i stood there and kind of looked at my car and it is slowly sinking into the ground. >> her husband's car parked two spots over teetering on the edge until a brave tow truck driver hauled it out of the way. the couple says they are thankful no one was hurt.
10:40 pm
colorado gushing water from a pipe. flooding a denver neighborhood. >> pulled out the fire trucks cops every where streets flooded waves coming off the cars and sidewalks. coming over the brand new bmw across the hooded grill 3, 4 foot almost up to my hip. >> the water flowing for hours damaging cars and buildings. to make matters worst forecasters predicting below freezing temperatures tonight. california, two daredevils celebrating new year's eve by setting a couple of world records. we are told they each broke their own previous record landing the longest snowmobile and motorcycle jump in history. it happened two men soaring over a 300 foot water gap. >> that's a fox watch across america. >> this is a new year and that means a whole new batch of laws. we told you about 40,000 new
10:41 pm
laws that affect frefrg cell phones to job applications to your local happy hour. plus the monkey business in san francisco. we told you about banana sam? he was snatcheds from the zoo. tonight least an update. d from tonight, there's an update.
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10:43 pm
>> ate >> an update on the park ranger. the sucks respect still out there. officials say the gunman shot and killed margaret anderson at mount raine,r park. he leaves behind a husband and two children. everybody asked to leave and stay away while officials search for the gunman. they say they believe he is in the woods and armed with an assault rifle. anderson was able to radio for help after she was shot. when first responders got there we are told the suspect fired at
10:44 pm
them as well. no one else hurt. anderson becomes the 28th park ranger to be killed the line of duty and the third woman. it's in new year and that means the brand new laws you need to know about. among them fines for truck and bus drivers caught using cell phones. there are 40 thousand state laws taking place in 2012. we have some of them. public schools teaching students about gays and lesbians to banning hp pee hour in one state mavenlt knee laws reflect the nation's concerns over immigration and look for verification. alabama will require all employers to do business with any government entity to use a federal system known as e verify to check that all new employees are in the country legally. georgia, tennessee and south carolina are putting similar
10:45 pm
laws into effect. the california dream act spans eligibility for private scholarships to students brought to the country illegally when they were infants. also in california gays lesbians and people with disabilities are being added to the list of social and ethnic group who's contributions must be taught in history lessons in public schools. in georgia if you live in a city that allows you to drive your golf cart on to the roads and off the green there are brakes reverse warning devices and a horn. there are federal rules as well including a social security increase amounting to $450 for the average recipients and stiff fines for offense for truckers and bus drivers caught using hand-held cell phones while driving. oregon, washington, montana, colorado, ohio, vermont and
10:46 pm
florida. san francisco will be the first to raise the minimum wage above $10 per hour. in ue kau new laws making any drink specials illegal essentially banning happy hour. >> no happy hour. thank you. a wildfire destroying more than 42 square miles of land in chile. thousands of citizens after military tries to take out rebels and hit civilians instead as we go around the world in 80 seconds. chile. inferno international park. authorities picking up an israeli tourist on suspicion of causing a fire by negligence. hundreds of four wrists forced to leave the area while more than 500 firefighters battle the flame. turkey.
10:47 pm
protestors angry over a mock military strike that killed 35 kurdish civilians. f-16 jets hit a group of smugglers using the iraq border. they were using fuels to carry cigarettes and diesel oil. there's a full investigation into the air strike. the u.k. prunes phillip making his first pier rance under going a heart procedure. he's queen elizabeth 90-year-old husband. following a traditional new year's day church service prince philip was hospitalized for chest pain. italy. diving daredevils welcoming the new year in a tradition dating back to 1946. divers leaping off a bridge in rome into the icy tiger river more than 50 feet below. that's a wrap on this fox trip
10:48 pm
around the world in 80 seconds. >> he was hungry. trembling and very thirsty. officials say their missing squirrel monkey is back safe and sound. some cut the little guy through the fencing and snatched him from his exhibit 3-days ago. a bystander found him at a park about a mile from the zoo. officials say they are happy he is back. think want to know who took him so far. activists say the syrian regime has been slaughtering allegations of a group of so-called peacekeepers protect human lives may have helped cover up some of the killings. plus the clock factory home to several small businesses goes up in flames. why investigators say they believe someone set this landmark building on fire.
10:49 pm
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
>> an american landmark goes up in flames fire destroying an massive former clock factory in illinois. the west clock building has been around since 1910. the fire officials say the fire started during the count down of the last seconds in 2011. investigators say it was arson. the 2007 national park service said a building was eligible to be included in the national registry of historic place and economic constitutions to the city and to the entire nation. >> thechable close ally of iran. the monitors sat there the
10:52 pm
government would put an end to the crack down of those who arrived in recent days. the monitors are only making the problems worse. by giving cover to the regime to continue it's slaughter. syria rocked by a surge of recent violence since the observers arrived earlier. last week the arab league is asking them to rodrop the missi and go home. we have more from the middle east zero in jerusalem. >> according to people on the ground in syria more than 250 people have been killed since the arab league monitors showed up. many say they pulled them out. others accused the monitors to covering up more violence and abuses. it's clear from the video coming out of syria that the president has no intention of keeping his promise to end the bloody crack down.
10:53 pm
security forces have done everything from showing entire neighborhoods to reportedly torturing. they come under fire as they asked to stop shelling in certain areas pleas which have gone unheard. they receive watch over dozens of towns and have no power to actually stop any of the center lines. the monitors are followed around by government forces making it impossible for atrocities. protests moved suburbs of damascus to bring a power base in the capital that is a reason for the regime to escalate in bloody crack downs. back to you. >> thank you. gun shots at a park in washington state it is where we started breaking news tonight. a mother of two working as a park ranger there is dead. the latest on the hunt for her killer. and the search intensifies for
10:54 pm
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and know that you can manage it and lead a full, active life.
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>> parts of the upper midwest especially the great lakes bracing for blizzard like conditions tonight. forecasters warning about strong wind gusts and tins cold snap from the midwest to the northeast. let's go straight to maria not completely out of character this time of year but it will be bad we understand. >> we are expecting snow across parts of the great lakes and interior north east as we are expecting a lot of lake-effect snow from the storm system. we have been in a snow threat across parts of the northeast. believer it or not it's a little bit of good news especially for consumers that means real snow out there. take a look at storms bringing in that snow already from parts of the great lakes and ahead of it where temperatures are
10:57 pm
showing areas of rain down into massachusetts and also new york city and the philadelphia area. it will remain slightly unsettled through out the rest of the night and as the storm system slowly moves into canada and the lake-effect snow through the western united states. there are winter storm advisories across the great lakes and southeast in west virginia western parts of north carolina where we could be looking at the worst amounts of snow. we have our blizzard warning in effect we are talking about wind gusts 40-50 miles per hour. heavy snow and low visibility. so the worst of it should be tonight overnight into monday evening. so this will be a prolonged period of heavy snow. when you are heading back to work tomorrow please be careful. you should not be doing any
10:58 pm
driving out here but we will have blizzard warnings tomorrow and very cold temperatures that will be associated with the storm as it does continue to head in and we are expecting snow to continue to fall through the areas through at least tuesday. >> hockey fans waiting to see the winter will have to wait longer. nhl switching back the start time. the weather you saw moving up the east coast the annual game is played outdoors. this year the new york ranger also take on the philadelphia fliers at citizen as bank park in philly. the new start time should offer the betts game conditions for players and fans. recapping our top stories right now police combing through surveillance video in the hunt for serial arsonists in the los angeles area. this after a long string of fires last night. they are looking into nearly 40 fires most in parked cars. so points of damage and homes in apartments spread, though. so far no serious injury.
10:59 pm
the manhunt continues for a gunman suspected of killing a park ranger. 34-year-old margaret anderson was shot making a routine traffic stop. she leaves behind a husband and two young daughters. on this the 149 amendment abolished slavery. man pore 149 years ago


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